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Women and Law Conference 2010

In 2010, I was the lead organizer for Thomas Jefferson’s annual Women and Law conference in 2010, titled Women of Color and Intersectionality.  The conference was jointly organized with the Critical Race Studies symposium at UCLA law school.   Our keynote speaker and Ruth Bader Ginsburg lecturer at the Women and Law conference at TJSL was professor Kimberle Crenshaw.  Additional panelists included Devon Carbado, Russell Robinson, Cheryl Harris, and Asli Bali.

Taking Reparations Seriously

In spring of 2006, I organized a symposium on reparations.  This two-day conference brought a number of reparations experts to TJSL, including Jack Greenberg, Al Brophy, Maggie Chon, Eric Miller, Robert Westley, Rebecca Tsosie, and Rep. John Conyers.

San Diego Critical Race Studies Group

In 2010, I founded the San Diego Critical Race Studies Group for legal academics in San Diego interested in race and law issues.  The group meets bimonthly and provides a scholarly venue for discussion of issues relating to race and the law.

TJSL Colloquium Series

I have been chair or committee member of the TJSL colloquium committee since 2006, and have helped bring over 30 colloquium speakers to campus during that time.


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