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Apology Lite: Truths, Doubts, and Reconciliations in the Senate’s Guarded Apology for Slavery, 42 Connecticut Law Review CONNtemplations 1 (2009) (link here)

“United States v. Socony-Vaccuum,” Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court. (2008).

Reparations Within the Rule of Law, 29 Thomas Jefferson Law Review 231 (2007) (link here)

Causation and Attenuation in the Slavery Reparations Debate, 40 University of San Francisco Law Review 279 (2006) (link here)

Nullificatory Juries, 2004 Wisconsin Law Review 1115 (with David A. Hoffman) (link here)

Slavery as a Takings Clause Violation, 53 American University Law Review 191 (2003) (link here)

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Accepted for Publication

“The Divine Institution of Marriage”: Religious Use of Legal Arguments in the Proposition 8 Campaign, Journal of Civil Rights & Economic Development (symposium paper) (forthcoming 2011)

From Practical to Radical — and back again?: Reparations, Rhetoric, and Revolution, Journal of Civil Rights and Economic Development (forthcoming 2010) (draft available on request)

Too Big to Remedy? Rethinking Restitution for Slavery and Jim Crow, Loyola L.A. Law Review (forthcoming 2010) (draft available on request)

Works in Progress

Towards Microreparations (draft available on request)

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